Comparing Braces and Invisalign

Braces and invisalign, both serve the same purpose, but are quite different from each other. Both braces and invisalign are capable of straightening out any crooked teeth. Are you considering getting either? OR are you considering getting your child some braces or invisalign? Of course when you are choosing which of these two to go with, you will have to consider a lot of stuff. What is it really that makes these two different? Both invisalign and braces can get the job done of aligning your teeth, it’s just a matter of how they affect your daily living along with the convenience, costs, and number of other factors.


treatment comparison

As I have said, both invisalign and braces can align any crooked and misaligned teeth which in turn can make your smile look better and give you a boost of confidence. The use of invisalign is fairly new starting during 2000 so you can already get an idea of how different they are in terms of technology used.

Let’s take a look at braces first. These are the more traditional way of properly aligning a person’s teeth. They are composed of metal brackets that are cemented to the front area of your teeth. A metal wire is fed through the brackets which tightens them and connects the brackets together. There are some dental offices today that can make the brackets mimic the color of your teeth so that it will look hidden while there are others who have seen them as a fashion statement and added color to them.

Now let’s move on to Invisalign. As the name implies, invisalign are designed to look invisible in the user’s mouth. Invisalign are actually aligner trays that are made from safe and smooth plastic that feels comfortable in your mouth. These aligner trays have to be changed from time to time varying in shape which is what helps move the tooth into the proper. Invisalign aligner trays are actually custom made to fit inside your own mouth. To make the trays, the dentist will take x rays of your teeth as well as impressions. A 3D image of your teeth will be made which will become the basis for making the aligner trays.

There are a number of differences between braces and invisalign, let’s try to go through them. First is that fact that braces are irremovable throughout the whole treatment while invisalign can be removed whenever the user desires. The treatment time of braces is also longer than invisalign around two years while invisalign only takes a maximum of 18 months. But this convenience with invisalign comes at a price, the treatment for invisalign cost an average of 5k dollars while the treatment for braces ranges from 1.8k to 5.5k dollars.

In maintenance, braces come with special brushes to clean the brackets while invisalign trays can be cleaned by simple brushing and rinsing in some water. With braces, you will need to visit the dentist once a month, but with invisalign, visits are only every four top six weeks but your aligners should be changed every two weeks.


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