Find the dentist that will get your teeth super white.

We are always trying to get the latest and greatest technology and there is no reason why you shouldn’t go to see a dentist that doesn’t have great technology in this way. That is why so many people trust Riverfront Dental. Technology is something that so many love and so many hate. Take for example how many people you see staring at the screen of their phones day in and day out. While we might complain about the ways things are these dentist days, there is a reason why people are so engrossed in their phones. Perhaps they are reading something hilarious on-line, writing an email to their mother that they haven’t seen in person for six months or are reading a breaking news story. While there are certainly some flaws in technology, there is no doubting that it has brought up staggering advances in communication, science and medicine. When looking for a great medical office, you want to make sure you are finding a company that is harnessing the latest technologies. Since there have been so many medical advances in even the last 50 years, you want to make sure that you aren’t missing out on any of the advantages that could be yours. When people think about medical technology, many people think about life saving procedures and medicines, however, there are other ways that you can benefit from technology that aren’t necessarily as life or death. One such way is within the realm of dentistry.

One of the services that they offer you with exceptional technology is through their teeth whitening. While this service is under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry, it is one of the most sought after services from dentists in general. Making sure you feel confident about your smile starts with having pearly whites! Ask the dentists at Riverfront Dental about their custom trays, whitening for life and their deep bleaching services.

They even offer ways to straighten your teeth without metal brackets. It’s called Invisalign. Riverfront Dental is a leader in providing Invisalign and orthodontics services. More and more people are turning to straightening their teeth in a more discreet and elegant way. With the latest technologies, the team at Riverfront Dental can get your smile straight at last. More and more people these days are yearning to have whiter teeth. What with coffee, red wine and, dare I say it, cigarettes, our teeth are getting less and less vibrant. With the help of the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Riverfront, you can get the teeth you have always wanted.

They also have veneers that you can use. These custom designed ceramic shells look exactly like your very teeth! They help you feel and look amazing by covering up worn tooth enamel, gaps and spaces, chips or cracks and uneven tooth alignment. If you have a part of your smile you always thought you would just have to live with, why not ask Riverfront what they can do for you?

So don’t waste another moment not having the teeth you deserve. They have the best dentist in the Denver area.


Cosmetic dentistry gives you so many options.

Are you trying to find a Highlands dentist, or any dentist for that matter, that will be sure to take care of your child, make you feel totally comfortable and also be able to walk your dog to the dental office as well. Part of your child having good health is by having their highlands dentistteeth looked after from a young age. It is never too early to get your little one in to have their teeth taken care of. Set some great habits early on! So go to Riverfront Dental where you know your children will feel so super comfortable.

Are you wanting to have great straight teeth? Then you should check out Invisalign. They are a company that is committed to making sure you everything that you could possibly want. This is a fast and easy way to change how your teeth are shaped. Be it from discoloration or chipping, you will be able to look as good as new. How amazing. They will also give you some amazing fillings. Lasting up to 10 years, these fillings ensure that you won’t need any work done after the operation. They will always do a job well done to ensure the end result lasts!

They will help you with aesthetic gum reshaping as well which is super helpful for when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. The health of your gums is just as important at your teeth and can add a dynamic to your smile. You can reshape the tissue of your gums to look like the smile you have always wanted. There is no better dentist then those you will find at Riverfront Dental. Call today and see how they can help you feel amazing about you. There is no secret that having a clean and healthy mouth is a very important part of taking good care of ourselves. Finding a good dentist you can trust is a great way to establish great dental habits. Be it you are wanting to use more intricate procedures like Invisalign to get your teeth straight or simply you are wanting to having regular teeth cleanings, finding an excellent dental office with quality general dentistry services is a must.

Riverfront Dental is a dental office located in the Highlands of Denver and is widely know for it’s relaxed and fun environment. Though don’t be fooled, the fun doesn’t take away from the quality of care and services. In fact, they feed into each other. Riverfront Dental is well known for it’s amazing general services such as cleanings, TMJ and bite therapy, crowns, sealants, bridges, fluoride treatments and periodontal treatments. No matter what dental services you need, the team at Riverfront Dental has you covered. Call them today and schedule an initial consultation. So give them a call today and you won’t be unhappy about it all. You can even take your dog to the dentist. They will be totally taken care of. And you can pick out your own music on Pandora. They care about who you are and want to make sure you have all of your needs met.

Improving your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

These days, cosmetic dentistry is getting very popular. Cosmetic dentistry not only involves the whitening of a person’s teeth, but also the reshaping of a tooth as well as closing in any gaps and spaces in between the teeth and mending worn out teeth or replacing them. Cosmetic dentists have a number of different tools along with various methods that they can use to help you get a better smile.

Cosmetic dentist

dental cosmetic treatments

If you ever decide to go for any procedure in cosmetic dentistry, it is important that you all the advantages as well as the disadvantages. You should also have a proper understanding on the cosmetic procedure that you are going to get done so that you will know what to expect when you are in that dentist’s office, how much you are going to be spending on that cosmetic procedure, and any knowledge on how to maintain or take care of your tooth or teeth after having gone through that cosmetic dentistry procedure. It is also advised that you take a look at the background of your dentist to see how much experience he has working on that type of cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Now as time passes, by our teeth are subject to become discolored and develop some stains. This will really become a problem if the person is a smoker, takes certain meds that can stain teeth, or even loves consuming stuff that can really stain teeth like tea and coffee. A way to mend that staining and discoloration is to have your teeth bleached. Now bleaching involves chemicals and tooth bleaching can be done in two ways. In the first way, you will have to make a dentist appointment so that he can bleach your teeth in the office. This procedure takes roughly and hour. For the second procedure, the dentist can provide you with a system that you can use home. People tend to incline to the second option due to convenience but it reality, this home system procedure can take weeks to complete whereas a one-time stop to the dentist only takes an hour.

During teeth whitening, the cosmetic dentist makes use of a mouthpiece custom fit to your mouth. What this mouthpiece does is that it makes sure that the whitening solution is just right in amount, not too much, and not too little.

One must understand however, that getting your teeth bleached does not save it from getting discolored or stained in the future. If you still continue with the habits that got your teeth discolored in the first place (smoking, excessive drinking of tea, wine, or coffee), your teeth will soon become discolored again. It is important to understand that these teeth whitening products are not designed to remove any stain that is deep on your tooth. Even if you already had your teeth whitened and a number of other cosmetic dentistry procedures done on your teeth, you should still be able to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent any problems in the future and to keep your teeth white.

Comparing Braces and Invisalign

Braces and invisalign, both serve the same purpose, but are quite different from each other. Both braces and invisalign are capable of straightening out any crooked teeth. Are you considering getting either? OR are you considering getting your child some braces or invisalign? Of course when you are choosing which of these two to go with, you will have to consider a lot of stuff. What is it really that makes these two different? Both invisalign and braces can get the job done of aligning your teeth, it’s just a matter of how they affect your daily living along with the convenience, costs, and number of other factors.


treatment comparison

As I have said, both invisalign and braces can align any crooked and misaligned teeth which in turn can make your smile look better and give you a boost of confidence. The use of invisalign is fairly new starting during 2000 so you can already get an idea of how different they are in terms of technology used.

Let’s take a look at braces first. These are the more traditional way of properly aligning a person’s teeth. They are composed of metal brackets that are cemented to the front area of your teeth. A metal wire is fed through the brackets which tightens them and connects the brackets together. There are some dental offices today that can make the brackets mimic the color of your teeth so that it will look hidden while there are others who have seen them as a fashion statement and added color to them.

Now let’s move on to Invisalign. As the name implies, invisalign are designed to look invisible in the user’s mouth. Invisalign are actually aligner trays that are made from safe and smooth plastic that feels comfortable in your mouth. These aligner trays have to be changed from time to time varying in shape which is what helps move the tooth into the proper. Invisalign aligner trays are actually custom made to fit inside your own mouth. To make the trays, the dentist will take x rays of your teeth as well as impressions. A 3D image of your teeth will be made which will become the basis for making the aligner trays.

There are a number of differences between braces and invisalign, let’s try to go through them. First is that fact that braces are irremovable throughout the whole treatment while invisalign can be removed whenever the user desires. The treatment time of braces is also longer than invisalign around two years while invisalign only takes a maximum of 18 months. But this convenience with invisalign comes at a price, the treatment for invisalign cost an average of 5k dollars while the treatment for braces ranges from 1.8k to 5.5k dollars.

In maintenance, braces come with special brushes to clean the brackets while invisalign trays can be cleaned by simple brushing and rinsing in some water. With braces, you will need to visit the dentist once a month, but with invisalign, visits are only every four top six weeks but your aligners should be changed every two weeks.

Cases that are Treatable by Invisalign

Invisalign is a great product. They are smooth, comfortable, and a more aesthetic alternative to metal braces. But what are the dental cases that can be treated using invisalign? Well, from mild cases of teeth that are protruding as well as ones that are crooked to dental cases that are more serious and require more attention like problems with the bite either underbite or overbite, as well as malocclusion. You name it, invisalign can treat it. Whether you have teeth has have too much space in between, are crowding in a single area or maybe even both, invisalign has got you covered. Let’s take a look at the dental cases that can be treated with invisalign.

Cosmetic Dentistry

invisalign treatment

The first case or dental problem that we are going to talk about that is treatable with Invisalign is gapped teeth. Now in this dental case, gaps tend to form in between the teeth as if they don’t want to be near each other. The reason why some people get gapped teeth is because of an abnormal growth with their jaw bone. The problem of gapped teeth also occurs when there are missing teeth and the other teeth will start to shift to try to fill in that extra space. As the teeth shift, spaces form in between the teeth which cause the gapping. If a gapped teeth or problems with the spacing are not treated immediately, problems with the gums will start to develop and lead to periodontal pockets which in turn create periodontal disease. Gum problems develop since more of them become exposed when teeth shift out and create gaps and spaces in between.

The next dental problem or dental case we are going to talk about which is treatable with Invisalign is over bites. Over bite is actually a common term that people use, but people in the dental profession call the problem an over jet. An over bite or an over jet occurs when the upper row of teeth bite over the lower row of teeth. Over bites are usually the result of genes, bad habits in taking care of the teeth, or development problems in the bone that supports the rows of teeth. People that have over bites may soon develop problems with their gums or feel an irritation with their lower jaw or deterioration on the lower row of teeth which in turn can lead to pain in the jaw and problems with the mouth joints.

The opposite of the over bite is an under bite. Now an under bite occurs when it is the lower teeth that protrude outward causing them to cover the upper teeth. Under bites are also caused by bone problems, specifically the lack of bone development in the upper jaw or the lower jaw bone developing too much. A person that is missing some teeth on the upper front row may also develop an under bite. When you have an under bite, the function of the molars and the front teeth become affected which will cause them to deteriorate and give you pain in the jaw and problems with the joints just like over bites.

Getting in to see the dentist

It can be easy sometimes to not take our dental care as seriously as we should, to forget to brush, to not bother flossing and to skip out on regular dentists appointments can all be things that happen to some regular degree. While a few slip-ups here and there might not be the end of the world, keeping in with regular dental care as a whole can be incredibly important. Your teeth and your gums serve a lot of very important functions for your body and yourself that you might not always think of. Of course there is the more social function of our teeth, which is to show off our smile. The way that we smile and interact with the people around us is a huge part of our social structure and how people see us. A lot of people who are not comfortable with their smile or with the way that their teeth look when they are smiling end up not smiling as much as they otherwise would. This might seem like a small thing but it can actually lead to the person being less happy as well as darken the way that people initially see you. When we meet people who are happy and smiley, it helps us have a better impression of them and like them better.

dentist In addition to the social aspect of having a healthy and clean mouth, there are of course a lot of health issues that come up with regular dentist visits. When most people think of what going to Riverfront Dental will do for their dental health, they think about things like teeth cleaning, crowns and root cannels. While the overall health of your mouth is incredibly important, which are the things like cleanings or reparative work, there is actually a lot more to your dental health. Your mouth is the entry port for most of the things that go inside your body and so your dental health can play a huge part in the health of the rest of your body. If your teeth are unhealthy and have things like bacteria growing in and around them, that can have an impact on how the rest of your body is able to deal with the bacteria and other nasty things in your mouth. When you get a good professional dental cleaning from Riverfront Dental, you can at least get rid of some of those things and bring your mouth back to being a bit healthier so the rest of your body can hopefully be healthier as well. Everything in our bodies is connected in one way or another and so it is important that we look at our health as an overarching concept and not just as one tiny, unrelated piece at a time. When you take care of your dental health and visit the dentist when you should, you are actually doing something to help both your social standing, your happiness, your dental health and the health of your entire body. Going to the dentist might seem like a small thing but it can actually change your entire body and self.

Preventative care with a good dentist

When it comes to taking care of ourselves and our bodies, it can at times seem like a lot to do in order to keep up with everything. Being healthy can be hard work but in the end, it is all worth it to keep your mind and your body in the best possible shape that it can be. One of the important ways to take care of yourself that a lot of people tend to forget or not be the best about it taking care of their teeth in the right ways and making sure that they go to the dentist as regularly as they should be. Let’s face it, going to the dentist is not exactly the most fun or exciting thing that you have on your to do list for the month. Even if going to the dentist is probably not anyone’s favorite thing to do, having regular dental check ups from a qualified dentist like Riverfront Dental in Denver can help massively reduce your chances of facing some nasty tooth or gum problems later on. When you go to the dentist every six months or so like is recommended by most dentists, not only do the dentists clean your teeth incredibly well but they also look around for any small problems that might be developing somewhere in your mouth. Since other than our dentist, there are not many people who get a really good or deep look into our mouths, our twice a year dentist visit is probably the only time anyone has a good chance to look at our teeth and see what kinds of things are going on in there. When your dentist is able to get a good look at your teeth, gums and mouth, they can hopefully catch anything that looks a little bit off. dentist Like with anything else, it can make an incredibly difference in how things play out if the problems have been caught early on. When your dentist at Riverfront Dental is able to look in your mouth and see what looks good and what might be a problem area, they can usually do something to fix that small problem area right then and there so it doesn’t get bigger or worse over time. Normally we do not feel things or notice things in our own mouths until the problem gets so big that it starts to cause pain. By that point, it is almost too late. When you start to feel major pain to the point where you finally find it to be a good idea to go to the dentist for an emergency visit, normally there is going to have to be some kind of major work done such as a root canal or filling in a cavity. While you might still have to do these things, there is at least a chance that you can stop the progress before it gets too bad if you are able to get yourself into the dentists office every six months or so and keep up a regiment of good dental care.